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The Simonet Funeral Home 1892 - 1986

Emblom Funeral Service dba: (doing business as) Emblom Brenny Funeral Service traces its beginning to the Simonet Funeral Home. The Simonet Funeral Home of Little Falls, Minnesota found its beginnings in Stillwater, Minnesota. Sebastien Simonet, a 20 year old expert woodcarver, immigrated to the United States from Switzerland in 1853. He followed several of his countrymen to St. Paul, Minnesota, later moving to Stillwater. Sebastien started making fine, handmade furniture using his own patterns and designs. He was also asked to make coffins to order, hence, the beginnings of the Simonet Furniture Store & Funeral Home. 

Ludwig Simonet, Sebastien’s eldest son, traveled to Little Falls, “a coming town”, with William Sauntry of Musser, Sauntry Company. In 1892, Ludwig closed the deal for the H. B. Tuttle Furniture and Undertaking business, the beginning of the Simonet Furniture Store & Funeral Home in Little Falls. Ludwig’s brother, Alois Simonet, moved to Little Falls to operate the new family venture. After being located in several buildings downtown, the funeral home separated from the furniture store and moved to its East Broadway location in 1937. The East Broadway location was originally the Jetka residence and after extensive remodeling, became the new home of the Simonet Funeral Home. In 1959, the Simonets opened the Randall Funeral Home in Randall, Minnesota. Over the years, the Simonet family owned and operated an ambulance service in addition to the funeral home.

The four generations of the Simonet family to serve in funeral service included: Sebastien Simonet, serving Stillwater, Alois “Al” Simonet, Arthur “Art” Simonet and Arthur “Buck” Simonet, all serving the Little Falls area.

After four generations and 94 years of excellence in funeral service to the community of Little Falls and the surrounding area, the Simonet Funeral Home was sold to the Brenny Funeral Home of Little Falls in November of 1986.

The Brenny Funeral Home 1938 - 2006

The Brenny Funeral Home saw its beginnings in the late 1930’s when Clem Brenny of Holdingford, Minnesota came to Little Falls to build the business on the west side of Little Falls, Minnesota. In 1946, after returning from serving in the Navy, Clem married Mary Lampert and the two began the Brenny Funeral Home.

Clem and Mary’s oldest son, Richard, married Sally Hill in 1970 and the two moved to Pierz, Minnesota to help establish the Brenny Funeral Home there. Clem’s two sons, Joe and Chuck, then joined the family business and the business expanded to Royalton, Minnesota and Upsala, Minnesota. In 1977, the business was purchased from Clem and Mary by the three brothers.  Richard and Sally moved to Little Falls in 1987, after the purchase of the Simonet Funeral Home of Little Falls by the Brenny Funeral Home. In the 1990’s, Richard and Sally bought out the other two brothers and became the sole owners of the two Little Falls locations ~ the Brenny Funeral Home, West Chapel, and the Brenny Simonet Funeral Home, East Chapel, along with the Royalton, Pierz and Upsala locations.

The Brenny Funeral Homes continued to operate until August 1, 2006 when Richard and Sally sold the business to Emblom Funeral Service owned by Stephen “Steve” and Lynette “Nettie” Emblom of Little Falls, Minnesota. Honoring those that have served the community before them, Steve and Nettie changed the name to Emblom Brenny Funeral Service. Steve and Nettie began building a new home for Emblom Brenny Funeral Service in April, 2008 and began operating out of the new facility on October 6, 2008. The Embloms sold the east side Brenny Simonet location to Morrison County in August, 2008.  

Steve Emblom died on December 1, 2012 after a battle with metastatic prostate cancer. Nettie sold the business to Cory and Angela Michaelson on November 1, 2016.  The Michaelson Family served the Morrison County area until June 30, 2021 when they transitioned ownership of the business to Vertin (Tom Vertin). Vertin has over a 116-year history of providing funeral service to families and supporting local communities. Trent Iverson has served in the roles of funeral director and manager since 2006 and continues the legacy of providing the dignified and excellent care that Emblom Brenny Funeral Service and Vertin are known for.

Emblom Brenny Funeral Service provides a long tradition in funeral service of independent family-owned funeral homes.We have some of the best professional and dedicated funeral service staff in Minnesota. It is with this staff that Emblom Brenny Funeral Service upholds the highest levels of standards in funeral service.